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1st.Page is Japanese page.

The dinosaur kigurumi cat is made up of seven different parts.

We have prepared “limited edition” parts for the original customization.

This is a limited list at this time.
There is a possibility that the list will be updated later in the year.

Please choose the parts you like.

1.select a Dinosaur
2.select a Cat
3.select a Face
4.select a EYE
5select a Weapon
6.select a accessory
7.select a Background


The already mentioned “cat x expression x eyes” is not allowed due to the nature of the NFT.

Once you have selected the parts、
DM to https://twitter.com/sugarbeatstyle

If it is not open, please rip it to Pinn tweet.
You can be sure to speak to me before you buy.

\Original Cat/

Selact a DinosaurKigurumi

There will be six types and eight varieties.
White and black are custom only.

[K07P] is now also available to choose from.
This is a kigurumi of Rangers “Rako”.


I’m Rako.

We are planning to release different color Kigurumi later on.

Select a Cat

If you have a request for something not listed here, we will make it.

Please consult with me if you can handle this as my drawing skills are not high.

Select a Face

It consists of a nose, mouth, beard, and cheeks.

If you don’t see what you want, please let us know.

Select a EYEs

In addition to the above, we can guide you to some of the other items that have already been published.

There are many, so only some are being displayed.

Select a Weapon

There are 11 weapons to choose from here, plus 12 left-handed swords.

left-handed sword is only custom.

Select a Accessories

If you put too much, it will look messy, but you can choose one to your liking.

You cannot choose your pet.

Select a Background

I prepared a sparkling background, but it’s not quite right…
If you like, go ahead!

at Last

I’m not sure if I can answer your question, but I am always happy to take requests for parts.

You can choose from some of the existing ones, so please ask us.

We cannot accept combinations of “cat x expression x eyes” that have already been published or listed.

『Template for reply method』 (example)
Ticket No.:001
Request:Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Reply Location: DM me on Twitter.


Create a cat of your own choice and become a lord!🌈

\Original Cat/

1st.page is Japanase Page.

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